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Services Offered by Nomanzi Trade College

At Nomanzi Trade College, we are committed to providing comprehensive and industry-leading training programs for aspiring plumbers and electricians.

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Services We Offer

  • Electrical Trade Test
  • Electrical C.O.C
  • Electrical Courses
  • Electrical Apprenticeships
  • Plumbing Trade Test
  • Plumbing Courses
  • Plumbing Apprenticeships


Discover the array of comprehensive services offered by Nomanzi Trade College to meet the diverse needs of aspiring plumbers and electricians.

COC ( Certificate of Compliance )

Nomanzi also offer COC (certificate of compliance)

Single phase ( registered person) and
Three phase ( installation electrician )

For single phase:

  1. Trade test certificate
  2. Min of 5 years working experience as an electrician.

For Three phase:
  1. Trade certificate
  2. N3 ( technical N3) with the following subjects: Maths, Science and Electrical trade theory or Electro technology or Technical-electrical..

At Nomanzi Trade college , we do everything on site. Trade test preparation and the test. No need to travel. We are an accredited trade test centre.

We have highly qualified staff.

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Basic Electrical Course

R18 500

  • 20 work days ( 4 weeks - one month )
  • New intakes every monday
  • Attendance Certificate


  1. Single phase forward/reverse starter ( various controls and motors ).
  2. Three phase forward/reverse starter ( various controls and motors ).
  3. Star/delta and forward/reverse star/delta starter.
  4. Sequence starters ( automatic, semi-automatic and manual ).
  5. Motor test (single - and three phase, slip ring)
  6. Cable test ( 1000V )
  7. Energy panel ( single and three phase ).
  8. Load balancing panel ( 240V and 400V loads ).
  9. Current and Voltage transformer panel using selector switches.
  10. Fault-finding on various star/delta starters.
  11. Fault-finding on various resistance starters.
  12. Fault-finding on various auto transformer starters.
  13. Fault-finding on dual speed motors ( rotary and contractor switching ).
  14. Construction Work
  15. Fault Finding 
  16. Electronics 
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Nomanzi also offers apprenticeship for school leavers or individuals that wants to start a career in electrical or plumbing.

The apprenticeship program starts every January and will end at the end of October of each year.

We do one work placement at the end of the program.

The apprentice will work for 3 years at the workplace and thereafter the apprentice can come back to qualify.

Attempt the Trade Test.

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Beginner Plumbing Course

The price for the 10 working days beginner plumbing course is R10 000. This includes a theory textbook of the material covered in the beginner plumbing course plus your certificate for attendance.

What will you learn in the beginners plumbing course?

  • All plumbing maintenance.
  • Clearing of blockages.
  • cold and hot water systems.
  • Cut, Bend and assemble copper pipe work.
  • Cut, thread and assemble GMS pipe work ( Galvanized mild steel ).
  • Inspect, maintain and repair taps, valves, washbasins, showers, WC closet pedestals ( toilets ) and baths.
  • Inspect, maintain and repair geysers, drainpipes, drain fittings, soil water systems and wastewater systems.
  • Install a below ground and above ground drainage system.
  • Instal a high-pressure geyser, a washbasin, a shower, a WC closet pedestal (toilet ), a bath and taps.
  • Repairs and alterations to existing copper pipe work and GMS pipe work ( galvanized mild steel ).
  • Safety and Tools.
  • Set-out and determine levels for underground drainage systems.
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Basic Plumbing Course

The price for the 5 working days basic plumbing course is R5000. This includes a theory textbook of the material covered in the basic plumbing course plus your certificate for attendance.

What will you learn in the Basic Plumbing Course?

  • Install a high-pressure geyser.
  • Install a washbasin and sink.
  • Instal a below-ground drainage system.
  • Install a shower.
  • Install a water closet (toilet).
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